salaries in china vs USA full explanation per job in China

Here is a full explanation for an article that I wrote that can be found here,
I was asked how much is the average salary in China, and did this brief video. For a long explanation click on the link at the beginning of the video or visit the website.

This explains salaries for Chinese waitress, Chinese taxi driver, Chinese doctor, Chinese computer programmer,English teacher etc. We talk a bit about the average salary in Beijing is and how a lot of the salary is not calculated because it is based on gifts and favors. Items that may be very valuable but no one ever hears about them for a monthly salary amount.
here is some information from the article
The first things, related to business in China, that people normally ask me is, "How much do people in China Really get paid? How much, really is are Chinese salaries? I want to hire a Chinese person but an average Chinese Salary is how much? " I asked a couple of people what their salaries are and what their friends make and here is what they told me. Remember that this is for Chinese people working in Beijing, China. The capital will have a salary that is a lot higher than almost all other parts of the country. (I honestly would say as high as 30 percent more compared to other parts of the country) Also, this is in RMB the Chinese currency. With the dollar decreasing this amount gets more valuable. A problem though is there is inflation that is not mentioned in the economic reports of China. Even with the buying power increasing the cost of goods is rising faster. The Podcast goes into more explanation... One thing that is the most important thing to consider, people are paid by the month not the hours they work!
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