God's grace changes everything!

In 1992 while sitting in the L.A. County Jail Blood Gang Module Jack Hakimian had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ. As an Evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ his passion is to share God's miracle. His story inspires, transforms and gives hope. 

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Watch video of Jack Hakimian's miracle encounter with Jesus Christ while serving time in the L.A. County Jail in 1992

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Jack Hakimian is ready to speak on any cultural or spiritual issue from a Christian theological and multi-cultural perspective. His perspectives range from: Christian Leadership, Liberian-Armenian Diaspora, Entrepreneurial-Free Market, Social Conservatism, Hip Hop & Street Gang Culture!

Jack Hakimian has a B.A. in Biblical Studies/Pastoral Ministries and a M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies/Urban Transformation emphasis from Fuller Theological Seminary. Learn more about his family, education and background here.