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Jack Hakimian is ready to speak at your next Business, Government, Academic, Church or Community event. 

His topics range from: Spiritual, Social, Family, Marriage and Economic issues.
His perspectives emerge from these diverse schools of thought & experiences: Orthodox Christianity, Urban Life, Multi-Cultural Engagement, Politically Independent, 
Free-Market Enterprise, Pro-Immigration & Pro-Prison Reform. 
He is truly unique and passionate about what he can offer at your event as a speaker. His message is not a theory of hope, but actual experiences of "hope". With God anything is possible no matter how difficult your life is now.

He has a powerful personal testimony of life transformation while serving time in the L.A. County Jail. His story has impacted thousands.

He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies/Pastoral Ministries from Life Pacific College and a M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies/Urban Transformation emphasis from Fuller Theological Seminary
Most importantly he is a family man, who works hard running several organizations and loves God with all his heart! 

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