Economic Morality & Fair Trade: How To Bless All Of America?

We do not need a Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but a Fair Trade Agreement with other nations.


We need politicians who fight for freedom in the markets, but still put moral and not just regulatory pressure on companies to do right thing for it's consumers, workers and shareholders.


They need to make sure that these agreements are win/win for everyone, which requires a compromise of processes, policies and profits (Our parents called it sharing out of good will and not compulsion).


Also, as we engage in trade it is of national interest that America be able to keep vital aspects of the market and be able to always produce, service and optimize the "basic needs of life" from farming, shelter, communications, infrastructure, machinery, defense, etc-in it's own lands.


We cannot export essential production and skills to other countries who will have exclusive control of critical markets and knowledge.


What if they close their markets to us, black mail us, put higher tariffs on us for imports, and posses the labor pool and skills to build products that are key for American life?


Suddenly we find ourselves naked, poor and blind! We become the tail and not the head. We become led by foreigners in our own land as God warned Israel in Deuteronomy 28:43-44. Please read Deuteronomy 28:43-44!


USA has to be self sustainable. The first responsibility of politicians is to protect this capacity on behalf of it's citizens and not their personal pockets.


That is why character matters in the politicians we elect. They must posses a history of fighting for everyone in the game without punishing hard work and innovation. We must choose the noblest of hearts with proven abilities to get things done.


When politicians and multi-national corporate leaders surrender these capacities as have both Democrats and Republicans, they hurt us, including themselves.  


Selfishness always blinds the practitioner of it's self destructive nature. The Gospel brings light, selflessness and wisdom to our souls.


We realize in equity and generosity their is long term sustained growth. It produces a culture where everyone wins without government having to choose winners and losers through compulsory legislation.


Our leaders need to take into consideration labor markets, knowledge capital, self sustainable production, and other key components as they enter into trade agreements.


If not, we will get into more and more in trouble and debt as a nation.


Christian social and economic ethics in politics and economics matter more than we think!


Our pastors have fallen asleep in the pulpit, Bible study groups do not go beyond the self/marriage/budgeting help teachings of Scripture and our schools no longer teach civics and American idealism.


We need multinational corporate leaders and politicians to care for everyone involved in our cities from the consumer, worker, shareholder and governing institutions. Not just the shareholders and bottom line profits!


Our foreign neighbors must be the last priority. If America begins to sink socially and economically we wont be able to help anyone. You need power to empower, you need wisdom to give wisdom, you need resources to resource.


Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days (James 5:1-3 NIV)

For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers (Proverbs 11:14 NIV)

By justice a king gives a country stability, but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down (Proverbs 29:4 NIV)

Few Reasons Why Christian Leaders Hit a Glass Ceiling With Other Leaders?

A few reasons why Christian leaders hit a glass ceiling with their church leaders, staff or colleagues, but cant explain the problem?


Theological, Cultural, Economic & Political philosophical agreement, well as relational expectations and problem solving approaches are essential for Church Staff, or Kingdom Laborers to agree upon before they seek to accomplish great exploits.


Consider the intense orientation and indoctrination great defensive organizations like the army, navy, and secret services process their soldiers through.


Without agreement on these core ideas and practices they will not be able to go deeper with each other and the movement they seek to advance.


For some reason we as Christian leaders don't consider these multiple variables as that important, but when counseling pre-marital couples we would advise on the importance of holistic unity around core beliefs.


Unity around these core ideas theologically, culturally, economically and politically does not negate the need for cross-cultural/political/econimic/theological engagement, especially in evangelism and city-wide inter-denominational revival work.


It does mean you have to be honest about the hurdles you must cross before you experience true shalom and unity.


You may have to keep your core of like-minded leaders close even as you work loosely with a wider group of people on projects of mutual concern, but limited in intensity due to different constructs of thinking on the categories mentioned.


May God give urban cross-cultural leaders/missionaries wisdom to navigate the extreme diversity of thought and passions in their cities.


But, don't disregard the power of unified theological, cultural, economic and political unity.


Ideas and beliefs matter more than you think!


1 Peter 3:18 reads, "Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble"

Should Christians Deny Gays Public Services and Accommodations?

Should Christians deny gays public services and accommodations?

No way!!!

No thoughtful Christian is saying gays shouldn't be served with normal services and products in the private or public sector.

To refuse them on the basis of thier sexual identity is evil.

If a gay person wants a cake that does not violate the conscience of a religious person based on objective historical religious criteria than they should serve them with great love, zeal and appreciation.

But if it does violate their conscience and in some manner displeases God due to the content of words, or images than they should refuse them like Daniel in Babylon when it came to worship of Nebuchadnezzar, or eating of meats (Daniel 3).

The same applies if a Muslim wants a Christian Baker to write "Islam will defeat infidels" on a cake or "Islam will kill gays".

Neither the Christian or gay person, or Muslim should be coerced to do something that violates their conscience or religious views.

This is what the 1st Amendment protects: speech, expression, religious thoughts and ethics.

On the opposite side of the coin the state cannot stop a person from writing offensive language if they can find a baker who will.

Freedom also means you have a right to offend others with your speech.

This is the true definition of freedom.

Again let me reiterate we are not talking about normal public services or accommodations when Christians talk about being able to opt out of certain behavior in the private and public domain.

No person should be refused normal services, especially gays, or any minority community members.

Why? Because Christianity teaches us to love all people, but never at the expense of violating our allegiance to God and disobeying specific commands of holiness.

The Christian loves God and people at the same time, but God's commands always take the priority. Even if it means suffering and death.

I pray you as the reader will understand and appreciate the heart and convictions of all true Christians.

We are the "salt of the earth".

Once we are gone who will preserve the culture from moral decay?

No one!

A Cause of Black Poverty: A Lack of Theoretical and Experiential Information

Black disadvantaged communities not only lack economic power, but "empowering information" about how the real economic world is and how it works towards success on a micro and macro level.

They have a "poverty of information" and have been desentized from the stimulus to seek it.

The powers to be, well as the black individual keeps themselves sedated by art, sports, street drama and more.

Many local black churches are vital for spiritual nourishment on a weekly basis, but do they help the community break out of the simplicity of Bible quotes, music choirs, Christian youth hip hop fascinations, and church drama? Very unlikely.

For many the faith never moves beyond an over consumption of "art" and a simplistic church attendance in their discipleship model to the Holistic Learning of Scripture as it deals with family, sexuality, parenting, government, policy, enterprise, stewardship, culture development and more.

Churches emphasize week long revivals and prayer meetings wondering why the black ghetto condition for so many is not getting better.

Have we considered the learning and application of the 66 books into all aspects of life, especially "black capitalism and enterprise" rather than a few verses on faith, joy in midst of trials and church participation.

We need a renaissance of apprenticeship experiences in the black community. That means we may need to send some of our youth into other cultural vocational and educational settings to learn relevant in demand skills, theory and insider secrets that thier disadvantaged community does not posses.

This is the primary method of economic transformation: old fashioned apprenticeship models where theoretical and experiential information is passed on to the next generation.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development writes,

"Ghettoes are perhaps the most interesting informational phenomenon of all. Kain’s (1968) seminal paper on spatial mismatch referred to the lack of information networks connecting the ghetto and downtown. Wilson’s (1987) emphasis on the idea that middle class African Americans’ flight to the suburbs denies role models to disadvantaged youth is a strongly informational argument. The physical barriers between ghettoes and downtowns are slight, the intellectual barriers immense. The Number 4 train may go to Harlem, but the ideas of Wall Street rarely (if ever) make it past 96th Street" (Source: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)

What are your thoughts on this subject? 


Please comment below. Thanks!

The Difference Between A Racist and Culturalist?

The Difference Between A Racist and Culturalist?

There is a difference between a racist and culturalist.
According to Websters Dictionary "A racist believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race".
A culturalist believes our cultural worldview, artistic content, spoken and unspoken codes of conduct, and pre-suppositions shape our character, attitudes and behaviors.
As Christians we have to take culture (how we are) and match it up to Christ (how we should be).
Our character has to line up with the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and Holy Scripture to determine how foolish or wise our culture is.
All cultures have foolish ideas and patterns of behavior.
A Christian Prophetic Culturalist exposes and encourages repentance towards Christ with the negative aspects of culture and encourages celebration of Christ concerning the beautiful and noble aspects of culture.
Are you a racist or culturalist?
For Pastors Trying To Break 100, or 200 Attendance Levels: What Do You Do?

What do you tell a pastor trying to break 100, or 200 attendance levels by listening to church growth experts?


Based on my reflection of Jesus and Apostles personality, motives and actions, this is what I think we can say to them.


Don't worry about numbers of people sitting in the chairs in rows on Sundays.


That is simplistic and boring after a while.


Can you imagine Jesus attending a church marketing seminar, or submitting to such concerns.


Lol, He was starting a global movement that needed an apprenticeship model of full immersion with a handful of disciples. John 2 it reads that "He could not trust the crowds, because He knew what was in their motives" (paraphrase).


In fact instead of rows I think based on analysis of Scripture Jesus would be more concerned about disciples sitting in circles facing each other, dialoguing and praying to God.


Also, he would have them walking together casting out demons, feeding poor, healing sick and teaching/evangelizing through dialogue/debate about the kingdom of God.


The Son of Man is more concerned about Spirit sensitivity and function rather than quotas and growth charts.

The church is a rare biological spiritual beast that has elements of business, family, etc, but is very unique as a Discipleship Culture/family/movement.


Once you get on that train of marketing, numbers, and measurable goals you will be trapped.


The end will justify the means.


There is a difference with Luke's recording in Acts of how many got (past tense) saved versus establishing future numeric goals.


By 2017 we will have X amount Z members?


Look at how many Type A corporate mega-church pastors have broken attendance numbers and still find themselves discontent with ministry, marriage and life.


Like Solomon they find themselves walking through their campus one day uttering the words "meaningless, everything is meaningless".


Especially when they realize the whole institution "they and the elders" built is nothing more than a rated G Christian self help club with little actual Book of Acts impact in the community.


Everything was built on safety, beauty, convenience and luxury.


Just like Ikea they built a colorful institution with very few disciples who are making disciples intentionally through their lives.


Preacher If you have no joy, passion, or faithfulness in a home, street or prison ministering out of obedience and absolute excitement for Christ, you won't find it on staff or as a senior pastor of an established suburban or trendy urban church.

The Son of Man preached on boats, mountains, temple patios, homes, roads, in a court house, on the way to Calvary and on the cross.


If you in any way are persecuted, attacked or accused like Christ or Apostles of causing disruption in your city your safe and beautiful mega-church members will forsake you for the stable church and Pastor down the street who is operating within the system.


It's all smoke and glass!


Most of our ministries are illusions of Discipleship Movements.


No one is tested by hardship, or difficulties. If any financial hardship comes to your church you will see the true makeup of your membership or elders.


They will bail.


Be more concerned with your heart's purity before God, and faithfulness to disciple a small group and whether you're experiencing closeness to Christ and obeying His gentle voice/promptings/nudges.


You can grow a crowd with Spirit anointed preaching and miracles like Jesus, but at the end of the day only your core will carry on the work of the Gospel and reciprocate love for Christ.


"Many are called, but few are chosen" said Jesus.


For Christ He only had about 120 waiting in the upper room.


After Pentecost it grew through evangelism, Supernatural power, Discipleship and authentic community.


No media, no free giveaways, free iPads, bounce houses, no light show, smoke ambience, or clever sermon series.


Just raw Discipleship, Evangelism and Kingdom Organization and Spiritual Practices.

Read Luke, Acts and Pastoral Epistles again. The Word of God is useful for training you into God's definition of success.


You will have joy unspeakable and unshakable!