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Hakimian Family: Jack, Jhael, Jacob, Jeremiah. Joel. Josiah Hakimian Family: Jack, Jhael, Jacob, Jeremiah. Joel. Josiah


Jack Hakimian brings a combination of cultural diversity, scholarship, street knowledge and entrepreneurial talent to the ministry.

But, his greatest asset is his faith and dependency in the Lord Jesus Christ who is forever worthy of praise! (John 15:4)

Jack has a Master's Degree in Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and B.A. in Pastoral and Biblical studies from Life Pacific College.

He serves as an Evangelist and Pastor with  Impact Family Network, President and founder of Global Presence Enterprises, and Executive Director of Impact Miami Inititative.

He has been doing cross-cultural community service since 1992 working in the African, Latino, Anglo and Armenian communities of L.A. and Miami.

The diversity of education and experiences has made him uniquely qualified for urban multi-cultural missions.

As a half Armenian and half Liberian immigrant, he fled Monrovia, Liberia Africa in 1979 due to civil war brought on by corruption in the government. 

When he arrived in America he experienced a culture shock.  

As a young boy he was an extremely talented athlete and was being groomed to play college and professional football. Running the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds he was a star tailback.  

But, as a result of a need to be accepted, during the ninth grade he joined the Piru Blood street gang of L.A.

From ages 14-19 he was in and out of correctional institutions, and spent a total of three years incarcerated.

At the of age eighteen he was almost killed several times and served six months in the L.A. County jail for selling crack cocaine.  

It was there that he had a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ and received a call to help others as a Kingdom servant.

700 Club captured and aired his testimony on national television.

With a newfound perspective on life he reunited with his family and began to grow in his kingdom lifestyle as God began to reshape his perspective on family, society, politics and economics.

He went from a liberal human centered morality, to a God centered ethical viewpoint. He believes God has given to all humans basic laws of love to live by if we are to be "blessed" as individuals and a nation.

He went from a perspective that big government can solve our local problems to one that believes solutions are best found through family, church and local community leaders. Places where God, truth-telling, self-control and freedom are honored.

These kingdom views of personal rights, freedom of thought, religion and market transaction, founded on moral responsibilities to God and universal principles of morality embedded in the human heart (Romans 2:14-16) is what motivates his cultural commentary, evangelism, discipleship and kingdom activism.

His father being a businessman who escaped a war in Beirut, Lebanon and Monrovia, Liberia taught him to work hard and to appreciate the opportunities the U.S. free market and civil society afforded his family.

The prosperity his immigrant family had achieved in just thirty years in America was a living example that in cooperation with God, hard work and self discipline; financial success, freedom of worship, and the blessed life was possible.

Also, during the early period of his new found faith Jack enrolled in college earning a B.A. in Pastoral and Biblical studies and later an M.A. in Cross-Cultural studies with an emphasis on Urban Social Transformation.  

While in Seminary he began to develop entrepreneurial skills in graphic design, print, web development, social media and church consulting.

Also, during this season of college at Life Pacific he married Jhael Hakimian and together they raise four boys who are honors students in Miami-Dade gifted programs.

Jhael has a B.S. in Education and is actively engaged in the nonprofit sector fighting for economic freedom and prosperity.

Her ambition is to bring more economic freedom to South Florida, especially among the minority cultures. Together they also facilitate discipleship groups and train leaders.

They believe family, church and private sector enterprise is the key to solving the social ills of our society. God is the only person who can forgive sins and change hearts!

Clearly, it is this rich tapestry of not only background and education, but also experiences, failures and triumphs that has shaped and prepared Jack for the special task of mobilizing diverse leaders to bring about effective change, one community, and one person at a time.

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