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Jack Hakimian's Denominational Affiliation

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Jack Hakimian is a kingdom-minded leader who is part of various evangelical networks and movements.

Jack Hakimian was saved in the L.A. County jail and immediately began to attend chapel services led by Southern Baptist, Pentecostals and Catholics. When he was released he found fellowship and growth in Calvary Chapel Movement, Foursquare Gospel Denomination and Armenian Evangelical Movement.

He has a great appreciation for the many expressions of Christianity: (i.e. Eastern & Coptic Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Reformed, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Independents,  House-Church Movement, etc).

He also, believes these various movements need to self-evaluate and critique their doctrines and practices in light of scripture and examples of Christ, Apostles and early Christians.

Without constant self-evaluation and Spirit examination, these movements will die, distort the will of God and become displeasing to Christ the Lord of the Church!

Being a Great Commission Baptist elder allows him to have an association with like-minded Christian churches, but still maintain a freedom of thought on secondary matters and culturally contextual issues.

He is grateful for the freedom and unity the Universal Church-Body of Christ posses. A unity built around the worship and obedience of Christ and Scripture.

He seeks to live, teach and defend the teachings of Jesus Christ for aspects of life to be lived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

His ultimate mission is the make disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20)

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