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In 1992 while sitting in the L.A. County Jail Blood Gang Module Jack Hakimian had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ. As an Urban Missionary and Evangelist his passion is to share his story of God's miraculous power. 

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Jack Hakimian shares his gracious encounter with Jesus Christ while serving time in the L.A. County Jail in 1992.


Jack Hakimian is ready to speak at your next Business, Government, Academic, Church or Community event. 

 His topics range from: Spiritual, Social, Family, Marriage and Economic issues.

His perspectives emerge from these diverse schools of thought & experiences: 
Orthodox Christianity, Urban Life, Multi-Cultural Engagement, Politically Independent, 
Free-Market Enterprise, Pro-Immigration & Pro-Prison Reform. 

He is truly unique and passionate about what he can offer at your event as a speaker. His message is not a theory of hope, but actual experiences of "hope". With God anything is possible no matter how difficult your life is now.

He has a powerful personal testimony of life transformation while serving time in the L.A. County Jail. 
His story has impacted thousands.

He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies/Pastoral Ministries from Life Pacific College and a M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies/Urban Transformation emphasis from Fuller Theological Seminary

Most importantly he is a family man, who works hard running several organizations and loves God with all his heart!  

Learn more about his family, education and background here. 

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Jack Hakimian's Testimony on 700 Club

How The Kingdom Of God Can Change Communities?


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Our ministries exist to bring God's peace into your life and help you live a life of joy, passion, and the presence of the Holy Spirit!
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Speaking & Training

Invite Jack & his wife Jhael to speak, interview or discuss any current issue from a Christian Biblical perspective. They train groups in Evangelism, Marriage, Parenting, Community Engagement & Addiction Recovery.
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Bible Teaching

Is your ministry hungry to study the Word of God in depth? Jack Hakimian Ministries can present a 4 to 16-week teaching series that is learner & discussion based around any book or topic.
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Pastoral Counseling

Are you experiencing pain in your life, marriage or relationships? Contact Jack Hakimian for one on one counseling session. God's grace will empower you!
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Jack Hakimian Ministries can help you're nonprofit expand with sound Christian principles, digital media & communication strategies.

Jack Interviewed on PBS/Miami Herald Documentary


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