God's grace changes everything!

In 1992 while sitting in the L.A. County Jail Blood Gang module I had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ. As an Evangelist of the Gospel it is my passion to come to your next church or community event and share the story of God's grace that changes lives. Truly, God's grace changes everything!

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He is ready to speak on any cultural issue from a Christian Evangelical Clergy, African-Liberian, Lebanese-Armenian, American-Hip Hop, Entrepreneurial or Street Gang perspective!

Jack Hakimian has a B.A. in Biblical Studies/Pastoral Ministries and a M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies/Urban Transformation emphasis from Fuller Theological Seminary. Learn more about his family & background here.

Watch video of Jack Hakimian's miracle encounter with Jesus Christ while serving time in the L.A. County Jail in 1992

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Jack Hakimian Ministries exist to support the Body of Christ in her effort to evangelize and disciple the nations. Jack Hakimian serves through speaking and workshop engagements, interviews and debates, blog and article contributions, cultural commentary and consulting, evangelism, activism and discipleship training of small groups, digital curriculum development, website and app development and much more. Jesus' mission for Jack Hakimian Ministries is to engage our culture with truth and make disciples who make disciples in obedience to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.  Jesus declared, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you "
(Matthew 28:18-20)

Global Missions

The world desperately needs Christ. The greatest means of transforming a city is the family unit and the local church. Business and government follow. We exist to partner with the church to strengthen families and disciple the community. We develop long term relationships and spend time in prayer and strategy development.

Spiritual power

Jesus gave the command in Acts 1:8 "to wait for power... then you shall be my witness...unto the ends of the earth". We exist to remind and equip the Body of Christ to walk in His power! Our digital apps, curriculum, and discipleship group development helps churches to engage the Word of God in a practical way that begins to move theory into experience and results.

Communication tools

Digital technology has changed the communications game and the means by which churches can organize themselves. Many church leaders don't realize what type of innovations exist because they are busy serving the people. Our sister ministry Global Presence Network helps bridge the gap for churches, nonprofits and social enterprises.

Discipleship movements

No matter how much media and marketing churches employ, we cannot evade the highest priority to make disciples, who make disciples. When relational discipleship happens the Kingdom advances exponentially. Our sister ministry Impact Discipleship Network is committed to this grassroots task.

who is jack hakimian

City Missionary with a passion to serve Christ people, evangelize the lost & partner with other Kingdom Servants to bring holistic change to marginalized neighborhoods.

Bible Teacher with a passion to explain the historical and cultural context of scripture and apply the truths to our modern times. Jack loves the Whole Counsel of God's Word. Expositional and topical teaching & preaching is his call.

Digital Communicator with over 12 years of web design & media development experience. His passion is to digitally equip & support kingdom organizations & social enterprises.

Husband & Father who believes family is the greatest means of blessing & discipleship.  With his wife Jhael and 4 boys: Jacob, Jeremiah, Josiah & Joel they do life & ministry together.