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Jack Hakimian’s Reaction to Rev. William Barber's Democratic Convention Speech

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Jack Hakimian’s Reaction to William J. Barber, II, Democratic Convention Speech:

I agree with Dr. Barber's views of justice concerning the weak, oppressed and poor.

But, the solutions must come from the soil, not a bigger government that get's infused with big money and corruption

Doesn’t the Bernie Sanders campaign already highlight that government has been hijacked by corporations.

Dr Barber, like all Old Testament prophets who align themselves to corrupt Kings begins to subtly distort the holistic commands of Yahweh.

He only defines justice in terms of racial, economic, and minority equality/rights.

What about Jesus' view of justice and purity as it relates to sexual purity, parental responsibility, application of social ethics in government by the people of God and command to not shed innocent blood (especially in the womb).

Why selectively exegete and expound the Old Testament on the issues of justice that deal with black life, minorities, oppressed (those who are outside the womb)?

Why call for governments to practice justice on certain issues that relate to the poor and then appeal to the US constitutional freedoms when it comes to women's rights versus babies rights even though we as the people of God (The Black Church) abortion is morally wrong as a democrat prophet?

Why apply justice to one aspect of evil and not another. Especially when killing a baby is more morally reprehensible from a scriptural perspective?

Also, Old Testament teaching in Exodus 21:22-25 prescribes the same penalty—death—for someone who causes the death of a baby in the womb as for someone who commits murder.

God's prophets never give allegiance and wholesale uncritical endorsement of political parties/politicians.

Politicians get corrupted by power especially when they do not have scriptures as their moral authority.

The very prophets he quoted from (i.e. Isaiah, Amos, etc) were opposed by the political structures of their day.

Democrats oppose Biblical justice and purity that confronts their human, political, democratic platform agenda.

The truth is that a "coin has two sides", not one!

God's prophets like John the Baptist call everyone out to repentance.

Don't get it twisted!

By Jack Hakimian Ministries | Jack Hakimian is a Christian Evangelist, Pastor & Political Activist | Learn more: http://jackhakimian.com

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