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Last Grammy Awards Ever: Lady Gaga Unveils Lucifer CERN (2016)

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EXPOSING Celebrity Dark to Light Rituals WATCH:

This video was re-uploaded because Youtube placed several blocks on the original version.

The Grammys is the big show to watch. They always make a big splash to start off the year at the Grammys. Some commercials indicate there will be an illumination or unveiling of the light or lightbringer, known as Lucifer, at the 2016 show. Lady Gaga will put on a "groundbreaking" performance.

Gaga's commercial is very suspicious and reminded me of a particle collision at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. I believe this was intentional. It also depicted Lady Gaga, who played Lucifer, as the Rising Sun.

You'll also notice

Music: Craig Armstrong "Escape"; Clips from Grammy Commercials

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