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Few Reasons Why Christian Leaders Hit a Glass Ceiling With Other Leaders?

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A few reasons why Christian leaders hit a glass ceiling with their church leaders, staff or colleagues, but cant explain the problem?


Theological, Cultural, Economic & Political philosophical agreement, well as relational expectations and problem solving approaches are essential for Church Staff, or Kingdom Laborers to agree upon before they seek to accomplish great exploits.


Consider the intense orientation and indoctrination great defensive organizations like the army, navy, and secret services process their soldiers through.


Without agreement on these core ideas and practices they will not be able to go deeper with each other and the movement they seek to advance.


For some reason we as Christian leaders don't consider these multiple variables as that important, but when counseling pre-marital couples we would advise on the importance of holistic unity around core beliefs.


Unity around these core ideas theologically, culturally, economically and politically does not negate the need for cross-cultural/political/econimic/theological engagement, especially in evangelism and city-wide inter-denominational revival work.


It does mean you have to be honest about the hurdles you must cross before you experience true shalom and unity.


You may have to keep your core of like-minded leaders close even as you work loosely with a wider group of people on projects of mutual concern, but limited in intensity due to different constructs of thinking on the categories mentioned.


May God give urban cross-cultural leaders/missionaries wisdom to navigate the extreme diversity of thought and passions in their cities.


But, don't disregard the power of unified theological, cultural, economic and political unity.


Ideas and beliefs matter more than you think!


1 Peter 3:18 reads, "Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble"

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