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Friday, 16 September 2016 15:56

Every Democrat Knows This To Be True!

Every Democrat knows that abortion is worse than slavery, but like the corporate greedy slave owners, racist preachers, and slave activist that argued for personal liberties to do what they want with their own property they make the same claims today.


Liberals of the past distorted and exaggerated the concept of "liberalism" to the point that they dishonored God's unalienable rights endowed to the "other". Black person = baby in womb.


"IT IS MY PROPERTY, MY BODY, MINE, MINE, MINE", they claim! They are willing to die and fight for this claim like the Southern Confederate Democrat of yesterday.


No matter what intellectual cave they hide under, they cannot escape the presence of God that scrutinizes their rationale daily.


The only way to escape for them is to turn their attention away from the subject, emotionally smoke screen the issues, or to tell themselves "it's not a baby, it is merely tissue, a fetus".


Yet some of them claim to know God who alone understands the point life begins (by life we mean the point of time the soul enters and leaves a person). You know the immaterial essence of a your family and friends that you love and cherish so much!


The soul is a dynamic that no scientist can measure, manipulate or truly understand, It remains uncharted territory.


Theodore Parker  the famous abolitionist who inspired Lincoln's many speeches declared this about the way God speaks to such evil men: "the voice of God to the soul of man".


We lament, "how could they be so blind to condone, promote and fight for slavery in the past"? 


Yet we see firsthand in our generation that every era has a group of people (descendants of Cain, Essua, Ishmael, & Judas who disregard GOD and HIS SOCIAL ETHICS).


A strand of people who don't see their bloody stains in the presence of our pure Almighty God!

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