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5 Crazy Facts About North Korea!

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So in this list, I'll be showing you 5 crazy facts about North Korea.

In pretty much every country if someone commits a crime they end up doing the time.
That's simple justice that I think we can agree on.
In North Korea, the punishment is a little different.
They follow something that's called "three generations of punishment".
This means if someone breaks the law and is sent to prison, their children, parents & grandparents are also punished.
The punishment for the family is usually along the lines of being sent to work in a camp.
This is obviously shocking and ridiculous, especially when things such as carrying a bible or watching South Korean movies is considered a crime.
In fact, some unlucky people have actually been executed for doing the above.

You might be surprised to learn that North Korea actually hold elections every 5 years.
This sounds great, after all holding an election every 5 years means the people are able to choose who leads the country.
Except this is North Korea and of course there's a catch.
The public only have the choice of one candidate.
If you wish to not vote for the current leader, you can cross their name out.
However, you can't vote anonymously, so essentially these elections are just an easy way to catch the people who don't agree with the current leader.
And you can imagine these people won't get let off easy.

We all know North Korea censor the internet.
Certain websites are blocked and only a few approved sites can be accessed.
But the level the government go to, to make sure people are not viewing anything they don't approve of is pretty crazy.
Firstly out of a population of 25 million, only a little over 1,500 IP addresses exist.
This essentially means there are only about 1,500 devices that can actually use the internet.
These devices, however, aren't like the computers everyone else uses.
They have their own operating system called Red Star and all content is pre-filtered out of the box.
Red Star is a Linux based operating system and can only use a state approved search engine, chat software, emails and forum boards.
These state approved applications are then constantly monitored and even to use them you need special authorization.
To put it simply, people in North Korea are not allowed to use the internet, period.

The top officials in North Korea are a naughty bunch of people.
They have what is called the "Pleasure Squad" which consists of around 2,000 attractive young women who are there simply to entertain and provide sexual services to the top officials.
It's a big hypocrisy that the officials are essentially allowed to have their own fleet of sex slaves, but then make something like viewing porn a punishable crime for the people.

According to Kim Jong-Il's government released biography, the man clearly possessed super powers.
He was born under a double rainbow and his birth caused a new star to appear in the sky.
This bit already sounds like he was a modern day Jesus.
But it gets even more ridiculous.
Apparently, the man learnt to walk and talk before he was 6 months olds, and somehow had the ability to control the weather with his moods.
These lies are told to school children from a young age so they grow to believe that their leaders are God like beings.

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