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Watch 60 Minutes:Why you should NEVER own a 401K

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Watch This short powerful video-----

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The fear of losing your retirement savings in a 401k is real. Although this is an older video the market is due to receive another crash. Listen to other people’s stories on a past 60 Minute show. If you have a 401k or IRA this is a must see video. Stop losing your money with no guarantee of any returns. Guarantees are here with new tax free plans. You insure your home, car, health, life, etc. Why are you not insuring your future retirement savings from market losses and high undisclosed fees that are draining your retirement savings. Deferring your taxes is the worst way to save for your retirement. You are creating a major tax problem at retirement when your money is needed the most. Unfortunately you are in the wrong retirement vehicle. You will need to work 6 to 8 years longer just to off set the high undisclosed fees in your 401K plan. Those high fees are commissions Wall Street doesn't want you knowing about. Your 401k was not designed to be a life long retirement plan. If you are in a 401k the fear of outliving your money is a realistic problem you will have as you grow older. Will your health be able to handle it? Stress, high blood pressure, anxiety?? Those fears are now eliminated. How many times have you upgraded your cell phone since they have been in existence. How many times have you attempted to upgrade your retirement plan with better plans. Zero. Whoever is in a 401k plan is in a 20th century plan with a 21st century audience. Its time to RETHINK your retirement from taxable retirement plans to tax free retirement plans. Stop being partners with the government and there sponsored plans. Deferring taxes is not the way to go. Pay your taxes now and get rid of Uncle Sam and receive tax free dollars for life, all guaranteed. The government is not your friend. All they care about is the high deferred taxes you will pay at retirement and your even higher tax bracket.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS on THE ONLY GOVERNMENT /IRS approved program (IUL-Universal Life) that replaces the 401K, go to:

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