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Insearch of the lost civilization - Lemba tribe of Israel

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The mystery of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel has fascinated people through the ages. Explorers claim to have discovered evidence of them from Australia to Siberia, but few claims have been backed up by solid evidence. Now a provocative possibility about the whereabouts of one of the tribes has emerged in Southern Africa. Host and explorer Josh Bernstein retraces the amazing journey that the Lemba people claim they made centuries ago. As Josh discovers, recent DNA studies suggest that the Lemba's remarkable tales might be true.
The Lemba, a Lost Tribe of Israel?: "As viewers will learn during this episode, I'm Jewish (as if the name 'Josh Bernstein' wasn't enough of a clue). My father was born in the Old City of Jerusalem and I have spent a lot of time both living in Israel and learning about my heritage. Yet, despite this background, I never heard of the Lemba before investigating this story. Nor have I really spent much time exploring the mysteries of the Lost Tribes and what their 'discovery' might mean. But apparently, a lot of other people have, and 'lost tribes' have been found all over the world—in Asia, India, Central America and South America, to name a few. Once I got up to speed on the research, it was really fascinating to learn how certain groups trace their heritage back to Israel before the Assyrian invasion in the 8th century B.C."
This is an important distinction to understand—the Lemba do not consider themselves Jewish but rather descendents of the ancient Israelites. They are Hebrews, since Jews and Judaism didn't appear until after the invasion which sent the 'Lost Tribes' into exile. In a community of African tJournal 8ribes which practice very different religious beliefs, the Lemba today have kept certain traditions which are Hebraic in origin."

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