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Should Christians Deny Gays Public Services and Accommodations?

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Should Christians deny gays public services and accommodations?

No way!!!

No thoughtful Christian is saying gays shouldn't be served with normal services and products in the private or public sector.

To refuse them on the basis of thier sexual identity is evil.

If a gay person wants a cake that does not violate the conscience of a religious person based on objective historical religious criteria than they should serve them with great love, zeal and appreciation.

But if it does violate their conscience and in some manner displeases God due to the content of words, or images than they should refuse them like Daniel in Babylon when it came to worship of Nebuchadnezzar, or eating of meats (Daniel 3).

The same applies if a Muslim wants a Christian Baker to write "Islam will defeat infidels" on a cake or "Islam will kill gays".

Neither the Christian or gay person, or Muslim should be coerced to do something that violates their conscience or religious views.

This is what the 1st Amendment protects: speech, expression, religious thoughts and ethics.

On the opposite side of the coin the state cannot stop a person from writing offensive language if they can find a baker who will.

Freedom also means you have a right to offend others with your speech.

This is the true definition of freedom.

Again let me reiterate we are not talking about normal public services or accommodations when Christians talk about being able to opt out of certain behavior in the private and public domain.

No person should be refused normal services, especially gays, or any minority community members.

Why? Because Christianity teaches us to love all people, but never at the expense of violating our allegiance to God and disobeying specific commands of holiness.

The Christian loves God and people at the same time, but God's commands always take the priority. Even if it means suffering and death.

I pray you as the reader will understand and appreciate the heart and convictions of all true Christians.

We are the "salt of the earth".

Once we are gone who will preserve the culture from moral decay?

No one!

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