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27 Reasons Why Hillary/Democrats are Worse For Christians Than Flawed Trump/Republicans?

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GOAL:  Demonstrate 27 Reasons Why Hillary/Democrats are Worse For Christians Than Flawed Trump/Republicans.



Some people are against Trump because of his flawed personal character due to the 100 stupid things he has done, but ignoring the 1000 personal character flaws of Hillary and actual 30 years of Clinton/200+ years of Democratic black destruction, anti-family and anti-Christian policies that have had tangible negative outcomes and not merely business disputes and stupid comments made by a candidate like Trump.

Let me share with you why Bill and Hillary/Democrats are destructive based on a historical analysis of their policies, ideals and personal character from a Christian perspective, since most of my readers are Christian and our faith, plus objective historical truth should be the ultimate filter by which we analyze and discern evil vs. good, and God's more pleasing will in all matters.




1. Democrats fought for Slavery to protect the less than 2℅ slave owners due to corporate interest which is what they do today especially Bill and Hillary who are owned by top billionaires, banks and Wall Street executives who own 60℅ of wealth in world.

This Democratic Social/Political Network is global and reason why they want open borders/open society/open morality/low wage labor.

They like Apple, Walmart, Ford are slave owners/traders. Multinational companies who care about bottom line. Read Wiki leaks of Hillary's Wall street speeches. Bernie was on to her, but they shut him down.

Research Billionaire Goerge Soros influence on DNC, Obama, and Clinton's. He hates Christians, and Biblical social ethics.


2. Jim Crow laws (Read National Review Source) (Read PBS Source)


3. Ku Klux Klan creators (Watch Video) (Read Source).


4. NAFTA in 1990s - loss of 700K jobs in first 10 years. Took agriculture and manufacturing to Mexico and other countries. Created great poverty in Urban/Rural cities.


5. Dixiecrat racist who never left the party, but merely changed tactics to more subtle means like abortion. (WATCH VIDEO)


6. President Roosevelt with 1930s New Deal benefits primarily for whites, even after promising economic relief to blacks. Robert Lee Vann the black civil rights activist like Al Sharpton regretted convincing 80℅ of blacks to leave Republican party to join Democrats.(READ SOURCE)


Malcolm X in 1960s rebuked blacks for being Democrats for simply the promise of economic justice though nothing got better from the 1930s to 1960s up until now in 2016. (READ SOURCE)


7. President Johnson Great Society benefits destroyed inner cities, families and skilled labor. Took the black out of wedlock rate from less than 22℅ to now over 72℅. Fatherlessness being the single greatest contributor for black men joining gangs and being in prison. President Obama said fatherless boys 5 times more likely to join a gang and end up in prison, yet they advocate policies that work against the family.


8. Democrats resistance to  Civil Rights Act (1964)Voting Rights Act (1965) and Indian Civil Rights Act (1968). If wasn't for majority Republican house and Senate those civil rights act would not have passed. (READ SOURCE)


9. The Negro Project that committed illegal sterilization on black women that morphed into Planned Parenthood


10. Marget Sanger founder of planned parenthood who believed black population needed to be controlled through Eugenics and churches moral influence on sexuality minimized. Who received strong support by Democrats which became their new destruction of blacks and poor undesirable/deplorables.


11. One million dollar a day funding given to Planned Parenthood by Democrats to kill 500 babies a day with large majority in minority communities killing minority babies.


12. Democrats/Bill Clinton's highest incarcerations of blacks during 1990s and Private Prison expansion, well as highest amounts of campaign contributions for him and his wife.


13. Three strikes law that put blacks in high proportions into jail for LIFE by Bill Clinton.


14. Clinton's pulling solders out of Rwanda and UN following allowing 800,000 Rwandans to be massacred by machetes.


15. Bill Clinton destroying Haiti's entire agriculture industry in 1990s. Taking billions in Haiti earthquake relief in 2010 with nothing to show. Destabilizing the region by reinstituted Aristide.


16. Hillary enabling and actually threatening multiple rape victims before and when husband was president.


17. Documented testimony by Secret Service that Hillary is crazy, offensive, lewd and an emotional terrorist to almost everyone on staff at White House. Even Bill Clinton is afraid of her.


18. Not allowing parents in inner cities to have school choice even though data shows kids do better in private or charter schools. (READ SOURCE) (WATCH VIDEO)

Not creating free market black enterprise but continuing an economic culture of dependency on government for jobs, welfare, housing, education, etc. So blacks and minorities never end up owning anything except their talents. Always dependent on Democratic politicians for basic needs from the womb to the tomb. Not being able to leave business, property and innovative knowledge capital as an inheritance.


19. Killing over 60 million babies since 1973, 20 million black babies which would have made Blacks the second majority in America. Thus keeping them politically and economically weak which is what "true racist" do. Also fighting for the right fit women to abort a baby up to 9 months. (READ SOURCE)


20. Selling our government to the highest bidder through Clinton foundation, and being negligible and deceptive by deleting 33k emails.


21. The Democrats promotion of sexual immoral philosophical and political behavior. Despite the lack of scientific or social evidence to back up sexual identity, people born gay or healthy outcomes of their lifestyle, but quite the contrary. 


22. Democrats attack of religious conscientious objection of employees, soldiers, etc. Disregarding chaplains, religious colleges, etc. Who is fighting Christian social ethics in public sector and now religious institutions like hospitals, colleges, schools, adoption agencies, and now in the church? Democrats (READ SOURCE)


23. Attacking of churches speech and forcing allowance of men in women's bathrooms. Not protecting or speaking up for Christians being slaughtered by Isis globally. Obama remains silent as over 150,000 Christians killed, but expressed moral outrage over one gay or Muslim person persecuted.


24. Infusion of gang life, sexual immorality, misogynistic lyrics in partnership with private prisons and hip hop industry. 


25. Incarcerations of black men in Democrat ran cities, in high proportions into private prisons that support Democrats (Even Bernie noted their big contributions to Hillary in primaries).  Urban black inner-cities are rany by Democratic Commissioners, Police Chiefs and Lawyers. Why wouldn't they create local reforms and strategies to keep Black men out of prison if they were so concerned about the "industrial prison complex" that President Clinton helped enlarge? (READ SOURCE(READ SOURCE)


26. Democratic President Lyndon Johnson passing of "Johnson Amendment" which threatened churches speaking out against racism and social injustice in 1950s and 60s to take away tax exemption. Why would he do that if Democrats are a freedom fighting party?


27. Illegal war and destruction of Libya due to Hillary's leadership. Now the country is accoupied by Isis.




Don't listen to Hillary/Democrats words, or political style/savviness. Look at their actual behavior, ideals, and policies.

Media likes to deal with Trump's flawed character (which I agree with them in some ways and why I wanted Carson, or Cruz to win nomination), but they do not highlight his accomplishments, children and ideals of limited government, free markets, school choice, changes he made since he became more conservative 10 years ago, protections for religious freedoms, ideas about fair trade versus free trade, pro-life and liberty Supreme Court nominations he has listed, decades of work in black community with civil rights leaders who always considered him a friend until he ran for office, controlling US sovereignty, his education of finance from elite college and actual financial experience, and the good people he has surrounded himself with.

Media does did not deal with actual "ideals", "practices" and "policy" record and vision of both candidates.

Long as we focus on which party/politicians have better ideas and policies in comparison to Scripture than it all makes sense for Christians who is the better choice.

Hillary and Democratic white elites are racist, bigots, greedy and evil in the truest, blatant, and visible tangible sense.

I wrote 27 policy, historical and ideological reasons why Hillary/Democrats are terrible in comparison to Trump's stupidity and past.

Please consider standing with him and the Republicans even as you hold him and the party accountable to Christian social ethics for the rest of your life.

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