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Saturday, 03 September 2016 16:27

Jack Hakimian's Political Convictions

Jack Hakimian is a nonpartisan independent Christian leader who holds no allegiance to any political parties. His allegiance is to God and the universal principles of freedom, justice, and love.


He aims to praise or critique any idea or policy that aligns itself with our U.S. Constitutional limits and freedoms, well as the social ethics of Jesus Christ. He believes a Judeo-Christian worldview and virtue leads to a more prosperous society.


He believes having an uncritical allegiance to denominations, political parties or cultural groups above an allegiance to God and the use of Scripture, Reason, Scientific Evidence, and Natural Law Philosophy clouds the judgments of Christians concerning the "Whole Counsel of God" and it's application for social life. All the above-mentioned disciplines (i.e. Theology, Science, etc) are complementary and not to be discarded in our observation of the world and our understanding of discerning the good.

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